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This is the letter Dr. Ed Tick sent today:

Dear Friends of Soldier’s Heart,

I write to you on this Memorial Day weekend from Greece, where Kate and I are leading a healing pilgrimage for warriors and therapists.
We have taken our group to many of the most sacred and influential warrior sites. We have visited Marathon, Thermopylae and Sparta, among others. Our veterans declare that they know the spirits of the men who fought there. They say they wish they had been like those warriors — people who were utterly sure of the righteousness and necessity of their cause and sacrifice, people for whom there truly was no other choice but to defend, people who were fully united with those they defended and who were fully supported and honored in their sacrifices. There is a warriors’ code and our veterans sought to fulfill it against the leaders and conditions that betrayed the code and them. That is one key source of traumatic wounding. Here, at these old battles, there were no doubts or moral questions. They did what they had to do, they suffered what they must suffer, they were honored.
Please imagine what we have seen and done. See our own American combat veterans standing before the grave of the 300 Spartans that still guards the steep and narrow mountain pass at Thermopylae. Here us reciting the epitaph on the grave written by the poet Simonides, “Go tell my people, stranger passing by, that here, obedient to their laws, we lie.” Obedience to their laws did not mean following orders and rules and legal precepts. It meant serving and surrendering to the ultimate necessity of the warrior code to give all, unto life itself, when the lives and freedom of their own people were truly and immediately threatened and all else had failed.
Feel our veterans’ anguish in their wish to have been as sure in their service to the US as the Spartans were in their service to Greece. See our veterans standing at attention as they did here, as so many will all over the US on this holiday. See our American veterans saluting the fallen of 2,500 years ago as their true brothers. Feel the love that never dies and the wish that our sacrifices ring true to the heart and soul, so true that though we “pass through the valley of the shadow” we are not poisoned by the poisons there.
On this Memorial Day we salute and grieve the fallen of our and all wars. We contemplate true spiritual warriorhood. We try to bring it back to our own and all wounded warriors. We seek clarity of vision and purpose and swear that only out of ultimate and unquestioning necessity will we ever resort to force. And even if we must, we do so with honor, respect and reverence and forswear violence against the soul of another.
No death, no killing should ever be celebrated. We grieve all fallen. As Chaplain Lt. Chris Antal does as he sends our troops off to Afghanistan, we warn our troops to feel remorse to protect their own souls. We support our veterans in their grief this day and always. We salute the fallen, not as a patriotic act, but as a spiritual and moral act that can elevate our souls and teach us what true warriors know, that the greatest wisdom is gained only through suffering and that those who have suffered so much in our names must be honored, not with parades and slogans, but by walking with them through the darkness so that their wisdom finally becomes ours.
Prayers, blessings, tears and thanksgiving to all of you and to all our troops, veterans and fallen on this Memorial Day and always,

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Sue Diaz is the author of the excellent Minefields of the Heart that details how her son Roman’s enlisting in the Infantry and going off to Iraq altered their lives. She turns to the words of poet William Stafford: “I have woven a parachute of everything broken. My scars are my shield.”

Now she has created two videos that capture the spirit of her book.

War changes the lives of everyone it touches.

A Soldier’s Call

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