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Two weeks ago, Nat Futterman received some news. The French government is bestowing upon him its highest honor: its Legion of Honor award. Nat served with the 10th Infantry Regiment, 5th Infantry Division which fought through France and Belgium. At the Battle of the Bulge, he suffered severe burns which still cause him discomfort today.

The French government honors one hundred veterans every year.

Nat’s reaction: amazement, tremendous surprise, and profound satisfaction . “When I got the letter from the Washington embassy, I was completely floored. I can hardly believe I deserve France’s highest military honor for the minuscule part I played in the liberation of France but was completely thrilled that I had been selected out of the many vets who had applied. I will be proud to wear it for whatever time I have left.”

Nat first experienced the enduring gratitude of European countries to members of the Allied Forces six years ago when he and his wife Harriet traveled to Belgium at the invitation of the Belgian government. There they and other WWII veterans who fought on European soil were wined, dined, and celebrated by both representatives of the government and ordinary citizens, many of whom were not even yet alive in 1944.

“Our trip to Belgium and Luxembourg for the 60th anniversary of the Bulge was one of the most emotional experiences of my life. The attitude and warmth of the people of those countries towards us was nothing short of extraordinary. Adults and children lined the streets to welcome us and show enormous gratitude, something that does not happen here in the U.S. We members of the VFW try to organize and march for Memorial Day and Veterans Day and find that only a pitiful few people come out to observe. This is very frustrating and trying. We did our duty, but it seems that does not matter very much now.”

As we celebrate the independence of the United States from England two hundred and thirty-five years ago, let us all remember our veterans who helped others regain their independence. Let us commit ourselves to showing them through words and behavior that it does very much matter, that we remember and will always be grateful.

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