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Today President Obama awarded the Medal of Freedom to the late Jan Karski who fought the Nazi as a member of the Polish Underground. At great risk to himself, he was smuggled into the Warsaw Ghetto to document the conditions and then witnessed Jews being herded into boxcars.

Dr. George Tievsky, one of the veterans profiled in my book, Gated Grief, told me about meeting Karski, who taught at Georgetown University after WWII.

He told Dr. Tievsky about carrying first to London and then to FDR photographs, the first incontrovertible evidence of the Nazis’ genocide of Europe’s Jews. “He told me he went to London to tell Anthony Eden about the extermination plan. He said Eden got up, went over to the window, lifted the curtain slightly (there was a black out), turned around and said, ‘Mr. Karski, has it ever occurred to you that when Jews come they bring their anti-Semitism with them?’

“When Karski came to America to tell Felix Frankfurter and Brandeis about the camps, they first told him he was lying, then apologized and said they couldn’t believe what he was saying. FDR told him the U.S. would win the war and reconstitute Europe and help rebuild Poland, but his final words to Karski were, ‘I’m not going to worry about the Jews; this can’t be a war for the Jews.’ ”

Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter told Karski, “I am unable to believe you.”

Years later, he said that governments abandoned Jews, and that while thousands of individual Europeans helped save Jews, “no one did enough.”

Meeting Jan Karski lifted the spirits of Dr. Tievsky. May he continue to inspire us all to “act with courage when conditions are at their worst and to become messengers for truth. He calls each of us to act on behalf of oppressed peoples everywhere.”

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As you will see in the video of the movie, “Let There Be Light,” some psychologists and psychiatrists back in 1946 had some pretty good ideas about what veterans suffering combat trauma needed to heal. But the military decided the treatment was too expensive and so terminated the program and censored the movie that documented it.

If we are willing to put our country into debt to wage war, we owe it to our veterans and their families to find the money to heal them.

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