Our Purpose

Veterans’ Children seeks to assist in the building of an historic bridge between veterans and their children, a bridge of stories.

As the “Silent Generation” Of World War II and the Korean War passes on, Veterans’ Children is dedicated to facilitating the children of those veterans learning and sharing their parents’ stories.

As the veterans of the Vietnam War reach retirement age and find themselves even more vulnerable to the ravages of PTSD and their past exposure to Agent Orange, Veterans’ Children is dedicated to fostering conversations within their families that will help support both the veterans and their families.

As the veterans of the Gulf War and Serbo-Croatian War see their own ordeals echoed in the faces of the veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, Veterans’ Children is dedicated to hearing and honoring their stories.

As the veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan return home, Veterans Children is dedicated to widening the space in which they can tell their stories and assisting in their transition back into their families and homes.

By creating the space within our families for our veteran fathers and mothers to speak their story, we children enable understanding and healing.

By sharing our experiences of living with PTSD, we can help one another to pass through its walls

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